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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Keyforge's Return Starts on Gamefound This Fall

Keyforge's return to the tabletop will kick off with a crowdfunding campaign next month. Ghost Galaxy announced plans to launch a Gamefound campaign to fund the production of Keyforge: Winds of Exchange, a new expansion for Keyforge and the first new product for the game after a substantial absence. Winds of Exchange will introduce a brand new House, a new Token mechanic, and bring back the popular Houses Mars and Brobnar. In addition to the Winds of Exchange expansion, the Gamefound campaign will also fund production of a new Starter Set, giving players a new entry point for the re-launched game.

Keyforge is a card game that involves unique algorithmically-generated decks, which comprise of cards from three Houses. Players purchase the pre-made decks and use them in battles to be the first to craft three Keys. Unlike other card games, Keyforge doesn't involve deckbuilding at all - the strategy of Keyforge comes in learning the strategies and synergies found in each deck.

Keyforge was originally published by Fantasy Flight Games back in 2018. In 2021, the company announced that Keyforge would go on hiatus due to an issue with the algorithm needed to produce each unique deck. Earlier this year, Ghost Galaxy, a company founded by FFG's former owner and founder Christian Petersen, announced they had purchased the rights to Keyforge with plans to re-launch the game.

Explaining the need for a crowdfunding campaign, Ghost Galaxy explained that they would use the campaign to judge interest in the game after its extended hiatus. "The Gamefound campaign allows us to gauge whether the support of the player base is as robust as hoped when we acquired the game," the company explained in a blogpost. "It will help us fund the important work of recreating the deck-generation software engine, facilitate the transition of the "Master Vault" database and player-accounts, and--of course-allow us to gauge proper demand for a product like "KeyForge: Winds of Exchange" so that we may produce the product in sensible quantities."


The Gamefound campaign for Keyforge: Winds of Exchange will launch this September. The preview page for the campaign can be found here.

* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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