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Friday, August 26, 2022

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A PS5 wall mount is an inexpensive accessory you won’t know you can’t live without until you buy one! This simple bracket solves so many annoyances. It makes short work of the clutter surrounding your TV while minimizing the possibility of your little one knocking over or spilling something on your expensive piece of gaming hardware.

Most such mounts are constructed with both versions in mind and secure the PS5 without obstructing its bottom exhaust vents. Leaving those up in the air contributes to lower temperatures and more enjoyable gaming. What else do these mounts bring to the table, or rather, to the wall? Read on & find out!

Our Top PS5 Wall Mount Picks at a Glance

  1. HIDEit Wall Mount Pro – The best PS5 wall mount
  2. NexiGo PS5 Accessories Wall Mount – For effortless controller charging
  3. VIVO Wall Mount Bracket – Steel simplicity
  4. Hosanwell Wall Mount – Keeping things organized
  5. TotalMount Wall Mount for PS5 – Install anywhere
  6. Alienergy Wall Mount – For all your accessory mounting needs
  7. Floating Grip PlayStation 5 Wall Mount – String it up!
  8. Funturbo Wall Mount Stand – An affordable alternative to HIDEit


HIDEit Wall Mount Pro

HIDEit Wall Mount Pro

Mount type: Vertical | Made from: Steel | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: Yes

  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with controller mount
  • Expensive

HIDEit is among the most well-known console mount manufacturers with a track record & attention to quality that keeps customers coming back each generation. Their PlayStation wall mount Pro bundle blends excellent build quality with versatile mounting options and a mount for your controller.

The mount is made from solid steel and has no flex to it. A powder coat of black paint adds to its appearance while ensuring there are no rough edges. A clip on top helps keep the PS5 from falling forward, while a hole in the bottom provides a means of screwing the console in place.

Installation is straightforward as you only have to screw four screws into the wall and one more into the PS5 itself. You can mount the console facing either front or back, which lets you place it next to the TV on either side and can help minimize cable clutter. You also get a handy controller mount and can order more from HIDEit.

There’s nothing to complain about other than the high price. You could always get the standard version and save around $10 if you don’t mind losing out on the controller mount.


NexiGo PS5 Accessories Wall Mount

Mount type: Horizontal | Made from: Steel | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: Yes

  • Comes with controller charging station
  • Good airflow
  • Minimal wall footprint
  • Not as much vertical support as other mounts

Being able to mount your controllers is cool, but what if you could charge them that way too? That’s the idea behind NexiGo’s tricked-up accessories wall mount. It conveniently stores the PlayStation, two controllers, and a remote while ensuring you’ll never run out of juice while facing a boss in the Demon’s Souls remaster. The mount is compatible with either the digital or disk versions and barely obstructs the bottom vents.

Even without the charging aspect, NexiGo’s PS5 wall mount differs from others due to its horizontal construction. There’s no top support, but a safety screw in the bottom keeps the console from moving. You secure the base to the wall with sets of two screws on either side of the back. Nothing someone versed in DIY couldn’t knock out in five minutes.

The charging cradle consists of two docks for controllers and a place to store a controller in the center. It gets power by connecting to the PS5 through a USB cord, so keep one of the USB-A ports open. Once on, controller-shaped lights on each station indicate the status. Orange means the controller is charging and turns blue once the process is complete.


VIVO Wall Mount Bracket

Mount type: Vertical | Made from: Steel | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: No

  • Great value for the money
  • Firmly holds the PS5 in place
  • Above-average build quality
  • Solid base obstructs bottom vents

Our first two PS5 mount choices included accommodations for accessories. What if you only need a simple, well-made mounting option for the console itself? The wall mount bracket from Vivo should be your go-to choice instead. It’s every bit as secure as our overall winner while costing less. The installation isn’t complicated, and the results look sweet.

Like most recommended mounts, the one from Vivo is vertical and made from rolled steel. It features an X-shaped body that securely screws into the wall. Before that, you need to fasten a small arm to it. A clip attaches to it during installation and also uses a screw. That means that the PlayStation 5 has two anchor points, so there’s no way for it to wobble or fall out even if someone were to brush against it carelessly.

One minor complaint about Vivo’s mount has to do with its solid base. While we commend the added stability, the design leaves little room for air coming out of the bottom. One could argue that there’s no efficiency loss compared to TV stand placement. Still, better airflow is a wall mount selling point other models manage to capitalize on more.


Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount

Mount type: Horizontal | Made from: Iron | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: Yes

  • Easy to install without advanced tools
  • Comes with anti-vibration pads
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Single screw not as secure as some alternatives

Neatness is one of the prime reasons to invest in a PlayStation 5 wall mount, and Hosanwell’s model delivers. Its modular approach lets you attractively store two controllers and a headset without cable clutter. Better yet, an included cable allows for charging through the PS5 while the controllers aren’t in use.

The iron-made mount has an attractive silver finish and is among the breezier models out there. A large cutout pattern on the back and bottom don’t impact stability but provide better airflow for the PS5 from two sides. You can install the primary plate and be done with it, or attach the two side hooks & headset hanger for a complete mounting experience.

We suggest you at least use the controller hooks as they have silicone padding that prevents the controllers from slipping. There’s also room to tuck part of the magnetic charging cable away for a clean appearance. Speaking of, the wire is a valuable addition since it allows for changing directly from the console.

While the mount itself is excellent, you’ll want to use your own screws. The ones supplied in the box are flimsy. They might not support a fully-loaded rack, especially if you’re rocking a heavy headset.


TotalMount Wall Mount for PS5

Mount type: Horizontal | Made from: Plastic | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: No

  • Modular design
  • Comes with magnetic charging cable
  • Great airflow
  • Accompanying screws need replacement

Setting up most wall mounts on drywall requires you to get a level and drill out, find the studs, and make sure you have the correct drill bits for the job. TotalMount has been making universal mounts since the ps3 days, so they’ve had time to figure out a minimally invasive installation for the newest console generation.

Materials & shape are the first things you’ll notice about this unusual mount. Rather than skewing in either direction, it’s an L-shaped mount that takes up little real estate whichever way you look at it. Moreover, it’s made from plastic rather than metal, supposedly not to interfere with the PS5’s WiFi. TotalMount uses high-quality plastic and supplies a long screw to tether the console to the bottom, so you needn’t be concerned about stability.

Everything about this PS5 wall mount has been engineered to make installation a cinch. It has a built-in level, so you can hold it straight singlehandedly. The six holes in the back take special supplied screws that securely burrow into drywall without you having to search for studs. This gives you much greater freedom of placement and helps hide unsightly cables.

Unlike others on the list, the bottom of this mount is padded. That’s to minimize fan vibrations and contribute to distraction-free gaming.


Alienergy Wall Mount

Mount type: Vertical | Made from: Steel | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: Yes

  • Comes with two accessory hook
  • Straightforward setup
  • Has anti-vibration pads
  • Sharp edges might scratch the console during installation

Next is another take on the vertical wall mount, this time from Alienergy. Two additional hooks set this model apart, allowing you to place a set of headphones on the wall separately and put a controller in easy reach by hanging it up on the PS5. It’s not the cheapest available option but makes up for this with build quality and utility.

The complete Alienergy package consists of one main powder-coated steel mount and two smaller ones. You only have to screw in the main one as secondary mounts clip either onto it or the PS5. Installation is therefore as straightforward as with other models. All you need to do is drill three holes in the designated spaces on the primary mount, and you’re good to go.

There are no major complaints to share, so we have to resort to nitpicks. The finish isn’t as polished as on HIDEit’s mount, so take care when sliding the PlayStation inside of it not to scratch it. The packaging contains two pads you can place under your console to minimize vibration. You’ll have to decide which orientation it should face before sticking them onto the base since the position isn’t the same for left- and right-facing mounting.


Floating Grip PlayStation 5 Wall Mount

Mount type: Suspended | Made from: String | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: Yes (optional)

  • Completely invisible
  • Takes moments to set up
  • Innovative
  • Questionable stability

Even though all the mounts we recommend make the PS5 look presentable, all of them are at least a bit visible. All except the intriguing mounting solution by Floating Grip, that is. It uses a proprietary thin rope made from inflexible materials to prop the console up while making it look like it’s floating in the air. The effect is cool, but is it as safe as the others?

We have to hand it to Floating Grip for their innovative approach. Rather than have to deal with clunky metal or plastic, all you get in the box are three pulley-like plugs and two pieces of string. You screw the plugs into the wall to form a triangle shape and then string two differently-sized pieces of rope up by placing them under the middle pulley and over the ones on the side.

That creates a cradle for the PS5 to rest on without impacting airflow or cable management and leaving no part of the mounting mechanism exposed. You can also get an expanded kit that includes plugs for two controllers and two pieces of rope that wrap around them for easy mounting.

Floating Grip’s kit is a novel take and works well while you aren’t physically interacting with the PS5. The parts of the rope that support the top aren’t as secure as the bottom, so applying pressure to the console, like when you’re plugging cables in, etc., might cause it to wobble.


Funturbo Wall Mount Stand

Mount type: Vertical | Made from: Aluminum alloy | Support for disk & digital versions: Yes | Controller mount: No

  • Affordable
  • Quality finish
  • Easy to mount
  • Low-quality screws

Our final recommendation comes from Funturbo. It’s not the best PS5 wall mount in existence but makes up for its simplicity through ease of use and a very attractive price. It might just be the ideal mount if you’re not keen on spending much yet want your PS5 to take up less room or take center stage.

This mount is noticeably lighter than the competition. That’s because Funturbo uses a high-grade aluminum alloy for its construction instead of steel or iron. Its surface is sandblasted and treated with black paint, so you couldn’t tell the difference between this and HIDEit’s models. It’s not as robust, but you’d never notice in day-to-day use since it might flex only if you apply considerable pressure.

Funturbo’s mount comes in two pieces that slot into each other during the installation process. The bottom part requires a single screw, while three more keep the top in place. Small brackets attach to two of them and hold on to the PS5 from above, while a thumb screw locks it in from the bottom. It’s flanked by two sets of holes that help maintain good airflow.

At half the price of our winner, something had to give. Luckily, it’s the screws again, Get yourself some proper replacements, and all should be fine.

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