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Friday, August 26, 2022

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a slow burning title that’s slowly heating up and bringing the hype to fans of third person action titles. One of next year’s most dynamic and aggressive titles has just gotten a new gameplay trailer, giving us a brief glimpse of what we have to look forward to.

Launching in 2023 on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and available day one on Game Pass, the Team Ninja melee extravaganza takes us to Three Kingdoms era of China as the Han Dynasty is crumbling to pieces. You, as a militia soldier fighting to survive the kerfuffle, will have to fend off demons and other dangers across this spectacular moment in history.

You can watch the trailer yourself here!

Being based in Three Kingdoms China, combat is based on Chinese sword-based martial arts as you dash and weave between incoming attacks and strike at weak points.

According to official press material released following the gameplay trailer, the game features battle styles based on the “five phases”, which in the context of martial arts, refers to distinct directions and movements. Seeing how agile your character is in the embedded gameplay trailer above, it seems Team Ninja is going all the way on movement-focused combat.

If Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty brings something as quality as the Nioh series, the prior third person action series from Team Ninja, then count me as excited. Team Ninja has a history of creating devilishly difficult and unmistakably distinct games in the past, something that gamers as a whole can’t seem to get enough of.

Some of these enemies look absolutely fantastic.

The Three Kingdoms is also an interesting setting filled with characters worth exploring. Lu Bu, of course, is the most famous. But characters like Cao Cao and Sun Jian are just a few others that would make for colourful cameos. Anyone who played some of the Dynasty Warrior games or Total War: Three Kingdoms will know plenty of brilliant fighters and tacticians that I for one would love to see.

But is it just me? Does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have you excited, or does it just seem like yet another overly challenging action adventure title? Go ahead and let us know!

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