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Monday, August 29, 2022

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Vehicles! In Saints Row and other games like it, having the coolest machine on the block is critical to dominating any city. And everyone knows that the best way to clear any street block is through a massive jet! The VTOL Jet Plane is the easiest way to quickly move across Santo Ileso in Saints Row (2022). This vehicle isn’t hidden behind secrets or challenges or anything like that! Despite this, you’re going to need to spend some time with the game if you want to unlock it.

How to Get the VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row 2022

VTOL Jet Plane Saints Row

VTOL Jet Plane Saints Row

In order to unlock the VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row, you’ll need to complete the last mission in the game. The mission “Showdown” is your end goal, and its the 21st main story mission in the game. According to most websites, you can expect to get to this point by 10-15 hours into your game, assuming you focus on the main story quests. The VTOL jet is one of the fastest options for basic movement across the map, letting you get from point to point as the crow flies.

This jet’s unlock is purely through the main story, which is great. All you have to do is keep rocking the main story content and you’ll unlock this vehicle naturally This is a great tool for exploring Santo Ileso in the endgame. We actually recommend using this for completionist purposes, since it will let you get to distant corners of the map. That being said, fast travel tends to work well enough if you’re not interested in waiting.

Because it is a jet, it can be awkward to control. While the game gives you a few opportunities to fly, a plane is no car. It might take some practice to fly effectively, so don’t worry if you’re sent to the hospital once or twice. With time, you’ll be able to quickly move across the city.

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