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Friday, August 26, 2022

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In the new August update, new content and new locations have been added to the game and now players can unlock a new location in their strongholds. The location name is Pet Ranch and in this pet Ranch, you’ll be able to level up your pet all the way up to Legendary level.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up your pet to a legendary level in Lost Ark.

How to Get Legendary Pet

Players would be able to level up their pets in the Pet Ranch location. In order to unlock the Pet Ranch, players will have to complete the “Yay, Pet Ranch!” quest and after the completion of the quest, the Pet Ranch will be unlocked in the Stronghold’s Farm. In the Pet Ranch, you’ll be producing Jam Cookies with the help of your Pets, and with the Jam Cookies, you can get consumables and costumes from the vendor outside of Pet Ranch.

There are different Vendors outside the Pet Ranch and one of the vendors named “Working Achatemeow” will level up your pet with the “Pet Growth Token”. Pet Growth Token can be obtained from the “Pet Sitter Chest” which can be traded with 500x Jam Cookies at Totocookie vendor outside the Pet Ranch. Your pets will be working in the Pet Ranch and making Jam Cookies. To speed up the production, you can get “Cookie Party” research from your lab and it will add an extra slot for a pet to work.

How to Get Legendary Pet

Pet Sitter Chest will give you 1 – 10 Pet Growth Tokens when you open the chest. You’d need at least 30 Pet Growth Tokens in order to make an Epic level Pet a Legendary level pet. So, you’ll probably have to produce Jam Cookies and trade them with the vendor to get the Tokens. When you complete the “Yay, Pet Ranch!” quest, you’ll get 1000x Jam Cookies as a reward and you can buy 2 chests with these cookies.

Another requirement for making your pet legendary is that the pet’s Expertise should be 100,000 and you can increase the pet’s Expertise by giving Pet Expertise Potion to the pet. Pet Expertise Potion can be traded with 90x jam Cookies. So, you would have to increase the Expertise up to 100,000 and obtain 30 Pet Growth Tokens in order to make your Pet Legendary.

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