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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Livestreaming platform Loco is home to some of the biggest streamers in South Asia and the content creators on the platform are looking to diversify their content. While titles like GTA 5, Free Fire, and Valorant continue to dominate viewership, there are other titles that are creeping up in popularity. Here are five rising games that are rising through the ranks in Loco and you should keep an eye out for them if you love watching variety content.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys

Fall Guys currently has three million views on Loco and the game’s recent free-to-play update has definitely contributed to the game’s success. Unlike other popular titles like Valorant and Free Fire, Fall Guys was a paid game that put a barrier to entry for players who did not want to invest in the game. But since the game went free-to-play, Fall Guys managed to hit the 50 million player mark in just two weeks.

The game is picking up pace in Loco and a lot of streamers are giving it a try. Some of the appeal of the game comes from Takeshi’s Castle, a popular Japanese game show that a lot of 80s and 90s kids grew up watching in India. It was essentially one of the first battle royales, but in real life. Fall Guys offers a similar experience in a video game format.

Streamers to watch:


The Bella:




While soccer (association football) may not share the same amount of popularity as Cricket in India, there is no dearth of hardcore fans of the sport. It is estimated that over 3.5 billion out of the 7.96 billion people in the world are soccer fans and it looks like there are quite a few soccer fans on Loco as well. India had also qualified for the FIFAe Nations cup which helped boost the popularity of the title in the recent past.

Currently, a lot of content creators stream FIFA Ultimate Team matches, tournaments, and more. With Electronic Arts (EA) and FIFA severing ties with each other for future FIFA games, it is unknown if fans will lean towards FIFA’s own game or if they will continue to play EA’s offerings.

Streamers to watch:





Ludo King

Ludo is a strategy board game that needs no introduction. A lot of children grew up playing Pachisi/Ludo, in India. The game was created in India in the sixth century and the game has even been mentioned in the epic “Mahabharata”. Ludo King is one of the most popular games that brings the popular board game to a digital format and a lot of gamers in Loco like watching the game.

Currently, Ludo has gained over 2.4 million views on Loco and the digital version of the game has grown more popular over time due to COVID-19 preventing friends from coming together and playing face-to-face. It’s great to see a game that has been around for centuries being brought to life in a digital format, and still being enjoyed by players who grow up around modern video games.

Streamers to watch:




Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends currently has over 760 thousand viewers and it might grow in popularity. Unlike a lot of other popular games that see player counts see a decline over time, Apex Legends has been an exception to the rule. Every season, the game seems to break its peak concurrent player count and with Season 14 around the corner, it might repeat history once again.

Apex Legends is unique in the battle royale genre because there is no other game that can replicate its advanced movement. While all other competitors play it safe and offer a tried-and-tested FPS experience, Apex Legends allows you pull off crazy movement maneuvers and pull off flashy players if you are willing to invest the time into the game. The game is gaining popularity on Loco and the recent release of Apex Legends Mobile may draw even more viewers to the category over time.






Love it or hate it, Fortnite continues to dominate the battle royale space. The game has collaborated with everything under the sun from Marvel to DC to even pop star Ariana Grande. The game receives frequent content updates and Epic Games has managed to strike a goldmine with Fortnite. On Loco, the game has over 860,000 viewers and it is gaining popularity since the inception of the platform.

The game is available on PC, console, Switch and mobile and it offers full cross-play support, making it accessible for players who have friends on other platforms. The colorful visuals and constantly evolving gameplay has drawn a lot of attention since the game’s release and there are quite a few streamers on Loco willing to give the game a shot and stream it regularly.

Streamers to watch:




There are other notable games that are gaining traction on Loco as well. Games like Minecraft and Among Us are rising in popularity and the platform also has its fair share of AAA game streamers who stream the latest games from the biggest studios.

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