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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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35 Latest Digital Marketing Updates in December 2022

With the year ending, the Social Media world saw many interesting ups and downs, with Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk becoming the talk of the town. For every new update he introduced to the page, there were many that were taken back and rethought. Even Meta was ahead in the race with many convenient little updates and features that elevated the user experience of all its platforms.
Every platform came up with a lot of tests and tentative updates that might be the next big thing for them in 2023. Here is a complete list of all the #NewThingsInDigital for the month of December.

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1. Instagram tests the “Roll-call’ feature to add photos/videos to the chat digital marketing blog

Instagram is experimenting with the ‘Roll-call’ feature, a scaled-down version of the BeReal feature.

2. Instagram works on ‘Glimpse stories’ like the BeReal feature digital marketing blog

Instagram is currently working on the ‘Glimpse stories’ that will enhance participation, just like the BeReal feature.

3. Meta launches ‘Meta House’ activation for emerging artists with AR elements digital marketing blog

Meta House unveils the Miami art week, which will feature the performances of famous upcoming artists. It has planned to launch two exciting projects to enhance creative opportunities and incorporate AR elements.

4. Twitter plans to expand content recommendations for more users digital marketing blog

Twitter aims to display the best content on the platform to the users and thus intends to expand the recommendations to enhance the user experience.

5. Twitter plans to display Tweet reach metrics to users digital marketing blog

Elon Musk plays his new move. Twitter usage has been on high talks. However, the momentum is slowing, and queries are rising on revenue generation through the $8 verification program.

6. LinkedIn rolls out the new ‘focussed inbox’ format to re-route messages into another tab digital marketing blog

LinkedIn finally announced the launch of the new inbox format to streamline the user experience and enable users to respond to the messages that matter the most.

7. Google Search tests a new feature for better in-app directions and knowing your subscribed publications digital marketing blog

Google Search is displaying and possibly testing news and top stories related boxes with the headline “maps on this topic.”

8. Google business profile can update and record your previous location listings digital marketing blog

The new Google Business Profile interface in Google Search can update your local listing and can display the previous location of your business listing. 

9. Instagram tests new DM labels for business accounts digital marketing blog

Instagram plans to develop new DM labels for business accounts to enhance customer interactions in the DM section. The five labels include Flags booked, ordered, paid, and shipped, which would help SMbs, to simplify their process. 

10. Instagram adds a new element to account status for content recommendations digital marketing blog

Instagram aims to enhance transparency among content creators by adding a new update to the Account Status dashboard for content recommendations. It will enable users to rectify issues and ensure that the content is eligible by several systems. 

 11. Meta plans to expand age verification tools to verify user ages digital marketing blog

Meta has taken another step in this direction by increasing its age verification tools, powered by Yoti, for Facebook dating in the United States to prevent exposure to harmful content. Using a variety of parameters, Yoti’s process can accurately estimate a person’s age from a video selfie.

12. Twitter announces the re-launch of its controversial paid-verification plan digital marketing blog

Twitter reveals the paid verification program launch with several added benefits for users. It would enable tweets from verified users to be mentioned in replies, post longer videos, and host videos on Twitter itself. 

13. Twitter enables the ‘Community notes Tweet’ feature for users digital marketing blog

According to Elon Musk’s reformation plan, Twitter is opening up its Community Notes tweet context to all users worldwide. Twitter first introduced Community Notes, then known as ‘Birdwatch,’ in January of last year to expand its efforts to combat misinformation in tweets.

14. Twitter shuts down the ‘moments’ feature for users digital marketing blog

Moments was a daily highlight reel of the most popular stories curated by Twitter’s news team. In 2017, Twitter abandoned its dedicated Moments tab in favor of Explore, a more inclusive discovery surface for top tweet content. The option to create moments on mobile was removed by Twitter the following year.

 15. Youtube announces new Shorts editing tools, emotes, and automated audio system digital marketing blog

On the YouTube Creators channel, YouTube has launched a new series of Shorts myth-busting clips that cover various aspects of the Shorts process. YouTube is also introducing a new chat stream engagement feature called ‘YouTube Emotes,’ which will allow viewers to share tiny graphics within comments on clips.

16. Google rolls out ‘topic + search’ refinement options  digital marketing blog

Google announced that it has begun to roll out new topics + sign refinement options on mobile search results in English/US.

17. Google announces the continuous scroll feature to mobile search results digital marketing blog

Google has been testing infinite or endless scroll on desktop search results for quite some time. And recently, Google introduced continuous scroll for mobile search results for several users. 

18. Instagram adds BeReal Candid element for users digital marketing blog

Meta announces several tools and elements for group chat options and collaborative collections. A new option within the Stories Camera allows users to share their candid stories with their connections. Following the launch of their first Candid, Instagram will send them and their connections a daily notification to capture another Candid and share what they are all up to at any given time.

19. Instagram adds tools to regain access to locked accounts digital marketing blog

Instagram sets up recovery centres that guide users to regain access to their locked accounts. Users can go to, which will walk them through obtaining their respective log-in information.

20. Meta announces to shut down Cameo-like’ Super’ app digital marketing blog

Meta plans to shut down the Cameo-like Super app, used for one-on-one chats and video chats. The users have planned to shift their focus to other digital operations, cut costs, and rationalize their investment in other projects. 

21. Elon Musk works towards the ‘Ad free’ subscription for Twitter digital marketing blog

Musk, and Twitter is developing a version of Twitter Blue that will only show half of the ads. The update has yet to be available, but it will be soon, and Musk hopes to go even further with an ad-free subscription model sometime next year.

22. Twitter’s rules regarding live location steer up political censorship digital marketing blog

There is an increased risk of physical harm when someone shares a person’s live location on Twitter. They are planning to remove Tweets that share this information in the future, and accounts dedicated to sharing someone else’s live location will be suspended.

23. Youtube tests emoji reactions & stickers within a broadcast  digital marketing blog

Youtube’s adding another response option within live streams with a new test of emoji reactions. You’ll be able to respond in real-time with an emoji, similar to other apps’ live-streaming options, with the current response set including a heart, the ‘laughing till you cry’ face, the surprised reaction, and more.

24. Twitter bans the free promotion of other platforms digital marketing blog

* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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