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Sunday, October 16, 2022

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Inspired by a journey through India, and the colourful bloom of an endless Indian summer, not long ago a team of dreamers stood before a tandoor oven and dared to dream. They celebrated the recipes refined over decades with love, freshness, quality ingredients, bold, bright flavours, with a specialty to grill, char, smoke and sear their food over the fire on the grill and tandoor oven. The team has gathered once more, deciding to step away from a British Indian menu and delve into the more nostalgic notes of contemporary Indian cuisine. But with a sole focus on reviving the smells, tastes, and colours of exotic and carefree travels, and a more modern and progressive style located within the trendiest spot in town, the 25hours Hotel One Central. The inventive take on the new dishes will continue to honour the travels of Tina as her whimsiness for textures and aromas continue to take flight, seamlessly combining authenticity with modernity.

From bustling streets to verdant jungles and a serene coastline, Tandoor Tina’s bold and bright tastes reflect the interiors brought to life by Jaipur-esque pastel pink hues, wicker lights, and luscious botanicals. Once you step into the warm space bursting with the energy of light, the explosion of colours and scents transport you somewhere else, perhaps an exotic location akin to a holiday scene, a soft breeze and a gentle languish with a cold cocktail in hand, and a sharing plate within fingertip reach.

“The decision to step away and focus on the fusion of Indian dishes was a bold move on our part.” said Creative Culinary Director Chef Trisha, about the restaurant’s announcement to shift the cuisine away from British-Indian fare and more towards a contemporary Indian route. “We love what we have created here, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants. Our food is humble and filled with taste and tradition. Now we are taking time-honoured dishes and adding our special Tandoor Tina twist to them. The tandoor oven is the heart of our space and culinary offerings, and will continue to move forward. The carefree adventurous heart of Tina has decided to try something different. But we promise that you will love our new approach!” Chef Trisha spoke about the new menu: “Here we create with fire, building flavour and depth cooking in a traditional tandoor with a contemporary Indian twist. Our new menu has taken a healthier route while remaining comforting and wholesome; a perfect sharing choice for dinner or lunch with daily handpicked ingredients using local vegetable produce, fish, seafood, and other meats.”

The Okra Chips served with grape and mint chutney, and Spicy Mango Salad are new signature starters, and the 25-hour Murgh Malai Baby Chicken, and Charcoal Sea Bream ring of smoky heartiness. A vegetarian charred smoked Butternut Squash served with smoked aioli topped with Coconut and Forest Honey is exquisite. A guaranteed must-try is the coal roasted red snapper. The banana leaf keeps the snapper delicate and tender; a nostalgic dish with our Tandoor Tina’s modern take. The Black Pepper Prawns and Veal Tomahawk promise a richness to highlight the meal before sealing it with sweet kisses of unique desserts like the signature Coconut Kheer served with a fresh mango sorbet, rose and pistachios, a decadent Peanut Butter Pie with Milk Fudge to name a few.

Tandoor Tina’s team-up with Project Chaiwala, a homegrown Indian-style Chai tea concept complete with a customized Chai cart and tea serving theatrics will further compliment the new menu for a delicious post-lunch Chai. To add, Chef Trisha has created a unique dessert using their distinctive Chai creating a semifreddo ice cream sandwich. 

The terrace is a dreamer’s paradise, a secluded tropical garden complete with ample seating and an alfresco kitchen ready to highlight every sense of the dining experience while paying justice to all dishes and ingredients to satisfy every occasion and palate.

But for now, we honour what the heart wants. Here’s to new beginnings.


* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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