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Thursday, October 27, 2022

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Fans Defend Sasha Obama For Using Fierce $275 Telfar Bag To Carry Her School Books On USC Campus

Sasha Obama has always had an incredibly fabulous style. However, last week, the youngest Obama daughter recently ruffled some feathers by sporting a $275 Telfar bag while walking on the University of Southern California campus.

According to AceShowBiz, Sasha also rocked a casual black and white, boho chic, ruffle-trim mini dress, tan boots with black socks, and stacked necklaces, but her large-sized embellished Telfar bag in the oxblood colorway was the center of attention.

SashaPhoto credit: hawtcelebs

Sasha’s choice of a college book-carrying bag grabbed headlines, with a naysayer criticizing her for spending $275 on the designer bag.

“She can probably get tuition scholarship with the legiune case and buy house, no,” one of the critics said.

The outrage surrounding Sasha carrying the “not for you, for everyone” bag to carry her college book is confusing specifically because this type of Telfar bag comes with a compartment just meant for laptops and is large enough to fit the heaviest textbooks.

And many social media users agree. Many came to her defense, as one user could relate to the former First Daughter.

“How else are you supposed to carry textbooks? I carried mine in Gucci.”

Another fan hit back at the naysayers, “It her money. Let her spend.”

A third user similarly discouraged the internet trolls by posting, “Please leave her a long let her live her life, it her [money].”

Another wrote, “Mind your own business. Stop counting other folks coins.”

I also use my Telfar for my books and laptop, make up, snacks, pepper spray, and half of my house. Telfar bags are meant to CARRY. They better leave Sasha Obama alone.

— Jada ? (@BitchofWallSt) October 26, 2022


The Sasha Obama bag thing is a dash of racism because other people in politics splurge way more. She has a black owned bag brand that uses vegan leather.

Dont get me started on what they did for Chelsea Clinton to go to Stanford.

— Free Brittney Griner.?? (@MadebyUche) October 26, 2022


Exactly!!!!! Paris Hilton carried a dog around in designer purses and no one said a damn thing!!!!

— Nmydefenseiwasleftunsupervised (@Nmydefenseiwas1) October 25, 2022


Jealousy is such a childish and empty emotion. There is no shame in being poor. Unless you spend your days being jealous of those you assume are happy because of wealth.

— Cordeliah (@cordeliah_gf) October 25, 2022


She looks great! For goodness-sake, some well known peeps carry $20,000 Hermes bags so c’mon, this is nothing! She’s a gorgeous girl carrying her best bag on her 1st day of college – let her!

— Good at Heart (@peni_poo) October 25, 2022


So freaking what – St Louis had a school shooting yesterday – be outraged at that NOT a bag, which by the way you are not even correct at pricing in your outrage. That is a $275 bag. Get mad at things that matter, not what bag someone carries!!

— KayLynn (@KayLynn13) October 25, 2022


So what? Why is it a concern of how she carries her textbooks? Real issues Ukraine, School shootings, inflation etc.

— Purplegemstone3 (@Purplegemstone3) October 26, 2022


So the problem is she is carrying books and studying? Shame on her! Nice bag though. LOL!

— Driven1776 (@driven1776) October 25, 2022


Hell, I spot women in my hometown using a $3,200 designer bag to carry their foodstamp card. ??‍♀️

— MJay48 (@DJMon_84) October 26, 2022


Her fierce fashion sense aside, Sasha is believed to be dating actor Clifton Powell’s son, Clifton Powell Jr. The duo’s relationship was exposed earlier this year after pictures surfaced of their outing together. In the images, the former First Daughter flashed a smile as she walked side-by-side with Clifton.

Sources say Sasha got together with Clifton after moving to LA in August last year. She dropped her studies at the University of Michigan and transferred to USC.


* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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