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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Employee Shoots And Kills Six Co-Workers At Virginia Walmart

A Walmart employee in Chesapeake, Virginia shot and killed six co-workers before turning the gun on himself on Nov. 22. According to NPR, 31-year-old Andre Bing died after shooting several people inside the Walmart where he’d worked since 2010.

A witness who Bing let go, Jessica Wilczewski, said that several employees were gathered in the store’s break room at around 10 p.m. to work the overnight shift. Bing entered the room with a 9mm handgun and opened fire. Wilczewski said that Bing seemingly hunted down the people he killed. After seeing her hiding under a table, she said Bing ordered her to come out. However, after recognizing her, he let her go.

“Jessie, go home.”

Wilczewski said that she believes Bing let her go because she was a new employee. She also noted that he shot several people after they were already dead.

“The way he was acting — he was going hunting. The way he was looking at people’s faces, and the way he did what he did, he was picking people out.”
“What I do know is that he made sure who he wanted dead, was dead,” she continued. “He went back and shot dead bodies that were already dead.”Bing, who was a team leader at the store, left a note titled “death note” on his cell phone. He claimed in the note to have been harassed and mocked by his co-workers. 

“Sorry everyone but I did not plan this I promise things just fell in place like I was led by the Satan,” he said.

“My only wish would have been to start over from scratch and that my parents would have paid closer attention to my social deficits. I was harassed by idiots with low intelligence and a lack of wisdom. The associates gave me evil twisted grins, mocked me and celebrated my downfall the last day.”

The Chesapeake Police Department identified the victims as 16-year-old Fernando Chavez-Barron, Randy Blevins, 70, Brian Pendleton, 38, Kellie Pyle, 52, Lorenzo Gamble, 43 and 22-year-old Tyneka Johnson. Six others were also shot and two remain in the hospital in critical condition including 24-year-old Jalon Jones.

Bing reportedly bought the gun on the same day of the shooting. Chesapeake Police officers arrived on the scene and found Bing and two other people dead inside the break room. Another deceased victim was found near the front of the store and three others later died at the hospital.

A candlelight vigil will be held in Chesapeake at City Park on November 29 at 6:00 p.m.

* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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