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Friday, September 23, 2022

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We have some exciting news coming from China as of a few hours ago….

One of the most prolific handheld gaming PC developers, ONEXPLAYER, announced their incoming device: the OneXfly.

We know OneXplayer from their previous self-titled handheld console, which was included in our list of the Best Handheld Gaming Pcs.

That handheld featured an 8.4 inch IPS display with some hefty specs, and they also offered a Mini version with a 7 inch IPS display and similar specs.

What makes OneXplayer consoles so special is their impeccable design and extremely high standards for quality.

These are some of the most premium devices on the market. And they have the pricetag to match.

Prices range from $1100-1600 depending on which model and configuration you go with.

[ They also happen to have their ONEXPLAYER (AMD Ryzen 4800U 16GB + 512GB) unit on sale for $799 at the moment. ] So what do we know so far?

Well, honestly, not a lot!

We do know that the OneXfly is intended to be a smaller and more affordable entry point into the world of OneXplayer consoles.

It is said to feature a 6 inch (1920 x 1080 pixel) display, which is about the size of a Nintendo Switch.

It will also use an AMD Ryzen 5 7520U Mendocino processor, which are new entry level processors for small low-power devices.

So that means that the new OneXfly is less powerful than the previous models. But that also means that they can be priced at a much more affordable level.

Aimed to compete

With OneXplayer being one of the more expensive options on the market, it makes sense for them to put out a product that can be a viable option next to the Steam Deck, AYN Odin, or the AYANEO Air.

It is rumored that both AYN and AYA intend to release their own Mendocino chip consoles as well, so we will likely be seeing some pricing battles this holiday season between these premium handheld PC makers.

We expect OneXplayer, AYN and AYA to all push for prices aimed to compete with the Steam Deck, which is priced at $399-$649.

It would make sense to see the new OneXfly come in at around $500.

Any officially announced details?

OneXplayer posted the official announcement on their Weibo account. They have yet to update their Twitter account or Discord channel with the OneXfly.

Onexplayer OneXFlyOneXplayer Weibo account on September 23, 2022

The exact words used in their Weibo post (translated from Chinese to English using Google):

“#oneexplayer一手手# The pilot series OneXfly is the first to use RBG to customize the exclusive light plate on the handheld. You can customize your own name, idol, lover, anniversary, and so on.”

They also featured a second image of an entirely different looking unit with it’s own customized name plate (on the bottom left of the console).

Onexplayer OneXFly

Kind of a weird image. Y’all planning on buying one to look at photos of cake?

I don’t know if we are to assume there will be multiple color options for the console and buttons. The image may be a bit misleading in that sense.

But we do know it will feature RGB (not “”RBG”) lighting behind the analogue sticks, and the face plates on the bottom corners possibly have transparent text.

So if you choose to do so… you can order your OneXfly with a custom single word on the bottom left corner (“RetroDodo”, “Nara”, “Gamer”, “Thug Life”).

One other interesting feature to take a look at: What exactly is going on with the triggers?

OneXfly triggers

Either they are no longer using stacked triggers, or it’s possible that the new OneXfly features a triple trigger type arrangement?!

Or it could even be that the R2 & L2 triggers wrap around the R1 & L1, resulting in a trigger that is sort of stacked AND staggered.

Whatever is happening there, it’s intriguing. Time will tell.

As per usual, we will keep you posted as more info becomes available!

Shoutout to Russ from Retro Game Corps for the spot…

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* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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